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At home in premium restaurants and hotels throughout Germany.


We set the scene for the TAFELSTERN brand with passion, unceasing creativity and boundless ambition.


Perfect solutions for the cutting edge of global gastronomy are always in our luggage.
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The right people for us like to think outside the box

We are living in a time of social change. Increasing mobility and changing family structures mean that more and more people eat away from home – in hotels, restaurants and aeroplanes, as well as in company and university canteens or retirement and nursing homes. Shaping this trend towards eating out at an international level and participating in the growing gastronomic and tourism markets are extremely exciting tasks for members of our team. Every team member helps to contribute personally to the unconventional success story of BHS, the global market and technological leader.

In our company, you will find an innovative, dynamic working atmosphere and mobile structures that offer chances to develop your capabilities and constantly advance your knowledge. Because constant career advancement is a central element of our business model. If you possesses the will and passion for constant change and improvement, and are prepared to swim against the tide at times, our company is the right place for you.