Trend Decorations



Back to nature and authenticity are the core themes of the latest
trends - in combination with a certain longing for the simplicity
of rural life, home comforts and the good old days.

Decors with a handcrafted look are in great demand, but they
mustn't be too rough and rustic. Translating the handcrafted look
into fine porcelain is the most suitable way of striking the balance.
This brings a touch of elegant, urban credibility into the game.

It's new, and it fulfils the needs of our time: it brings back memories
and reminiscences - just like those glorious summer days spent out
in the country.

Noble China


How can contemporary luxury be given a subtle interpretation? A convincing answer to this is DELIGHT. The collection treats guets to the taste of refined understatement.

The guiding principle of this new development from TAFELSTERN is supremely
confident  lightness. This begins with the use of a fascinating material -
Noble China. The new collection owes its unbelievable subtlety to this
thin, innovative hard porcelain, manufactured entirely without lead,
cadmium or animal components.

The ongoing trend towards casual fine dining opens up fascinating
new horizons for setting the stage with DELIGHT. The rimmed and
coupe plates are intentionally free of stylistic gimmickry. This creates
spaces for a clarity that promises equally casual options for the
presentation of fish dishes or pasta and soups or salads.



Table Culture

Professional users in the gastronomy and hotel segment place their trust in TAFELSTERN. Around the world, the outstanding design of TAFELSTERN'S shapes and patterns are highly appreciated, just as much as their particularly long service life and durability.

We are only able to guarantee this superior quality because our porcelain is manufactured exclusively in Germany. These highest standards also apply
to our advisory services, customer care, logistics and our commitment to
environmental protection.

With the TAFELSTERN modular system, we offer you the freedom to choose
your own very personal selection from the great variety of collections and
articles. Because all articles of nearly any collection are freely combinable
with articles from every other collection, they provide ideal solutions to
meet the needs of a wide range of target groups and occasions.



dine with style

The TAFELSTERN brand embodies contemporary table culture in all areas of the gastronomy sector. Guests will experience this whenever first-class cuisine,
attentive service and the creative presentation of fine foods on the finest
porcelain meet.

The creative collections from TAFELSTERN offer ideal opportunities
for combining the pleasure and experience of fine dining with a
refined and diversified presentation of culinary delights. At the
same time, the classically elegant design of the pieces always
ensures that the presentation of fine foods takes centre

Our portfolio also offers ideal pieces for setting eye-catching
highlights in any table setting.

Our Mission

Tasting The World

Dining customs have changed. Today’s guest is a culinary globetrotter who moves effortlessly between worlds and styles. TAFELSTERN interprets international food trends in innovative and impressive products in the finest hard porcelain.

TAFELSTERN stays constantly abreast of the latest dining trends with inventiveness and nonconformist concepts, offering multifunctional pieces as an ideal stage for a diverse range of cuisines.

  • Always at the cutting edge of international food trends
  • New, innovative and multifunctional pieces every year
  • The ideal accompaniment to varying culinary trends from around the world
  • Equally perfect for classically composed menus and casual dining occasions


Simply the best

The manufacture of porcelain in Germany demands constant pionerring work, an uncompromising dedication to quality and exemplary all-round service in advisory matters, customer care, logistics and environmental protection.

In return for this, TAFELSTERN enjoys the outstanding trust and loyalty of customers throughout the world and a firmly established reputation for dependable premium quality.

01 Production in Germany

02 Advisory competence

03 Excellent logistics

04 Enduring product quality


Production in Germany

When you lead the field, you set the standards

  • All articles eintirely produced in Germany
  • Constant investment in the most modern porcelain manufacturing facilities
  • Our KAIZEN philosophy guarantees a continious process of improvement
  • Hard porcelain in premium quality; firing at over 1,400°C ensures a hard and impervious glaze with high resistance to cuts and scratches
  • We use only first-class raw materials, and all incoming materials are subjected to stringent quality controls
  • No heavy-metal elution or release of toxic substances
  • Development and production of customer-specific articles
  • Very good heat retention
  • Refinement of articles with dishwasher-safe, in-glaze decoration

Sustainability at TAFELSTERN

Corporate responsibility

Since February 2012, our company has become the first company in the global porcelain industry to be certified under DIN EN ISO 50001 standard. This international standard, which regulates the introduction of energy management systems, attests to the great progress that our company has made in recent years im improving energy efficency. Our company has also been certified under DIN EN ISO 14001, the international standard for environmental management systems.


Beside our responsibility to protect the environment, we are also conscious of our responsibility toward our company, our customers and suppliers and the community as a whole. For this reason, our company subscribes to the code of conduct of the German Association Materials Management, Purchasing ans Logistics (AMMPL). We comply with the rules and regulations of the corporate governance code.

In addition to this, we acknowledge our commitment to upholding human rights, maintaining all applicable standards with regard to working conditions and the rejection of all forms of corruption and bribery.

Since the renaming of Hutschenreuther Hotel to TAFELSTERN in 2007, we continue to uphold the prestigious heritage of this highly respected traditional porcelain brand.